Who We Are

The staff and instructors at the Plumbers and Gasfitters Local 8 Training Center are committed to providing the best and most advanced training in the industry. Our instructors come from the leading contractors in the area and have extensive field experience. Our apprentices are required to have a minimum of 240 hours of classroom training and 1750 hours of on-the-job training every year before advancing on to the next level of training. Upon completion of the Plumbers Local 8 five-year apprenticeship, our journey persons are fully licensed and certified. This instruction is provided at no cost to the trainees. We also offer continuing education for our members, such as Backflow, Medical Gas, and multiple welding certifications.

Plumbers Local 8

We have been protecting the health of Kansas City for over 130 years, since 1890. Our training and expertise is next to none. Our members have been building the areas schools, hospitals, and commercial buildings for over a century and their quality work has provided the infrastructure for future growth and development.

UA Membership

Member of the United Association of Plumber's and Pipefitter's of the United States, Canada, Ireland and Australia (UA)

Instructor Training Program

Instructors are attending the UA Instructor Training Program or have graduated from the ITP

License & Certifications

Members are Licensed and hold multiple certifications